Sep 13, 2018

The Importance of Logos In Digital

To experience the power and importance of logos first hand, all you need to do is take your eyes off this article for a moment. Then peer around you. Look at all the buildings, vehicles and everyday items in your surroundings. They’ll have a logo plastered somewhere.

Almost every object we use in some way in our lives, from cars, to food, even to apartment buildings – has a logo on it. This gives it an added sense of identity.

“A logo is the visual summation of your brand. It’s the immediately recognisable mark that represents your product or service and sets you apart from the competition. It allows customers to immediately identify a product or company.” credit Brad Amos, Helium Creative helium creative logo

A logo is the cornerstone of branding. The minimal nature of a logo is what allows it to represent something as big and complex as a corporation. Without logos, companies would become indistinguishable to the consumer. This presents a problem when your business model relies on people coming to you, instead of your competitors.


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