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Apr 26, 2018


Yoga, one of the world’s oldest practices, has seen an image boost in recent years with perfectly designed yoga studio backdrops, form fitting designer active-wear and perfectly manicured insta-yogi poses gaining huge reach on social media feeds nationwide.

Unfortunately though, founder of I Am That – Yoga, Victoria Csarmann, believes that this ‘social media’ vision of yoga, as seen via the perfect poses and glamourous feeds of Instagram, is actually damaging the overall understanding of what yoga is, and even discouraging people from getting involved.

“Yoga is not about achieving anything specific, and should not be portrayed as something that some can, and others cannot do,” explains Victoria.  “Just because someone is super flexible or someone can hold a perfect handstand, this does not mean that their Yoga is deeper, or more meaningful than someone who simply finds stillness by sitting and managing their breath.”

When asked to comment on the social media side to modern day yoga, Victoria continues, “Unfortunately, social media can make it seems like ‘Yoga’ is something you strive for, rather than simply something that is.  When people feel like they cannot perform certain poses or movements, they then feel like yoga is not for them.  That is not what yoga is about.  Yoga is about finding what works for you, what brings you balance and calm, and that is different for everyone, and should never be compared against others.”

Victoria understands this feeling first hand as her introduction to yoga was delayed by how she felt in yoga studios.  The busy, sweaty yoga studios her partner loved were not something that Victoria connected with and she therefore believed that yoga was not for her.  On hearing this, Victoria’s partner Sébastien introduced her to yoga via private lessons where Victoria was able to learn that yoga should be for everyone, and that everyone gets something different from yoga.

“What finally drew me to yoga was the fact that for the 60 minutes I practiced my yoga, I thought about nothing at all.  The stillness of mind that I had in every Yoga class felt like such a relief,” explains Victoria.  “For my partner Sébastien, though, his yoga was a compliment to his gym training and corporate lifestyle. His love for yoga grew from the catharsis and release he felt in intense hot yoga classes and the grounded feeling he left the studio with every time.” They both found THEIR own Yoga.

Victoria’s latest endeavour, I Am That – Yoga, hopes to highlight that yoga is a way of life for everyone, rather than simply a practice for some who ‘can’.  The Indian concept of Soham (I Am That) explores the idea that everyone is able to find peace by creating a balance within, rather than looking for solutions elsewhere.  This practice is at the very core of what I Am That – Yoga stands for and they want to help everyone find the yoga that works for them.

Rather than classifying I Am That – Yoga simply as a ‘yoga studio’, our goal was to create a space where everyone can find their Yoga. We do not want to simply teach people our Yoga, but rather create as many opportunities as possible for people to find their Yoga.

At I Am That – Yoga in Collingwood, Victoria and Sebastian offer a wide selection of class styles, class times and experienced yoga teachers. On top of this, I Am That – Yoga offer affordable rates of just $13 per class in order to make these opportunities accessible to more people. “The more people that have Yoga in their life, the better. It is for everyone, not just for those that can afford it.” explains Victoria.



 I Am That – Yoga opened in Melbourne on February 16.  I Am That – Yoga is the brainchild of Victoria Csarmann.  Victoria grew up in Vienna, Austria and studied in The Netherlands, Belgium and Hawaii before interning in China and volunteering in Africa.  A true ‘citizen of the world’, Victoria speaks 5 languages and before moving to Australia with her partner Sébastien to start I Am That – Yoga, Victoria ran a successful mobile Yoga service in Cape Town, South Africa.

As well as currently offering 28 classes per week in their yoga space (to be increased further soon), the I Am That – Yoga brand also offers several products, designed to help people with their wellness.  The famous I Am That – Yoga natural cork mat with alignment guides has been a huge success.  Copper drink bottles from India and natural fibre yoga towels will be released in the coming weeks and will be available online.

 I Am That – Yoga

1-7 Emma Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066

Web: www.iamthat-yoga.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/iamthatyogaandmats

Instagram: www.instagram.com/iamthatyoga

Link to classes https://www.iamthat-yoga.com/classes-offered/


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