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Jul 6, 2018

I’m going to admit: I’m no yogi. I do love a good yoga sesh at home in my PJs, but I’m far from an expert! But when I was invited along to I Am That Yoga in Collingwood, I thought I’d give it a shot. So if you’re new to the world of asanas, this is the yoga review for you!

The Company

I Am That Yoga Review

I Am That Yoga is relatively new to the scene, founded in 2017. Their philosophy is that yoga is for everyone, and they practice what they preach. You don’t have to rock the latest activewear or shell out a lot of moolah to attend their classes. In fact, a casual class is just $13.

The Studio

You’ll find I Am That Yoga hidden away down the end of Emma St in Collingwood. There is plenty of free 2hr parking around the backstreets, so no need to pay out for a ticketed spot on the main road.

The studio itself is two storeys, with changerooms and lockers upstairs. This is fantastic for the local biz peeps, as they can get changed, stash their gear in a locker, get their ‘om’ on, and shower before heading off. As my own boss, I pretty much LIVE in my activewear. But I did pop my goodie bags, keys, phone and hoodie into a locker.

There is also a little outside area outside which would be perfect for small classes in the sunshine. But of course, it is June, and typical Melbourne weather. So I might have to come back for that once it warms up!

The staff are super-friendly and more than happy to answer any questions. Even the newest of newbies to yoga are welcomed and supported through their journey. So if you’re feeling awkward, don’t worry – the gang here want to help.

I Am That Yoga Review

Now THIS is my kind of yoga class. Credit: I Am That Yoga

The Class

It’s not a real yoga review if I don’t let you in on how it went!

At the Open Day event, I enrolled myself into the final class of the day: the candlelight class. The aim: to unwind in a toasty warm studio. I found a nice cosy spot towards the back, because sometimes being hypermobile can lead to nasty-sounding clunks during yoga!

The teacher was engaging and easy to understand. He took us through the basic flow of movements, but then offered new variations to try each time. This meant that we could either stick to the easy pose each time, or challenge ourselves a bit more each round. The main focus for the class was legs – stretching, strengthening and generally appreciating them.

At some points, we were deep in contemplation as we moved. At others, we were giggling at jokes that the teacher sneaks in, probably to make sure we’re still paying attention! But there’s no doubt that the atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming. No pretentiousness or judgement was allowed to pass the threshold.

The final part of the class was a mini-meditation – or in my case, a mini-snooze. What can I say, I’m usually in bed by 8.30pm, so if you put me in a comfy spot at 8.45, I will nod off! But I did leave that room a calmer, floatier and more flexible me.

If you are newer to yoga and are unfamiliar with the poses, I do suggest finding a spot closer to the teacher. And if you’re not sure what you should be doing, or just feel a bit fatigued, you can always just return to child’s pose to chill for a bit.

FYI – do not attend this class if you have to drive home the Eastern Freeway afterward and a storm is about to hit. My arms were fatigued from all of that downward dog-ing and I struggled against the crazy wind! By the next day, I felt a little tired, but otherwise quite content.

The Yoga Mat

Yoga mat review

                          Mat on fleek. Credit: I Am That Yoga

Now if you’re lazy (like me), and prefer to pose from the comfort of your own home, this yoga review can still help you! As of November last year, I am also an avid user of the I Am That Yoga Mat. This mat is enviro-friendly, made out of recycled cork. It also has all of the alignment lines you need to make sure that your body parts are where they need to be. There is a travel-size option if you’re a bit of a yogi nomad. As a bonus, it looks super sexy in Instagram shots!

Finally, I’d like to thank the team at I Am That Yoga and The Atticism for inviting me along to the Open Day. I will definitely be back to visit next semester!

To check the studio out for yourself, head here.

Please note: this yoga review is 100% my opinion. I was not asked to do this review, I simply enjoyed my experience so much that I wanted to share!


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