Social Media

Social media as we know it is dead…

We’re calling it.

It’s time to think

As you might have guessed it, we’re not die-hard-fans of social media here at The Atticism.  In fact, we’ve been quoted speaking about the changes to social media in mainsteam media such as The Independent, The Metro and B&T Magazine as well as specialised media like Social Media Tips in The USA.

To save you time, we’re basically quoted as saying, “As an agency, we cannot simply continue to work in the way we always have [with social media] and expect our clients to achieve the same results.”   

Consumers are experiencing brand fatigue, a lack of trust and way too many marketers competing for their attention.  The future of social media needs to change into content driven strategies which offer genuine connections between a brand and their consumer.”

What that means, is whilst we recognise the importance of a social media presence, we believe any social presence should be genuine, purposeful and compliment a wider PR strategy.

Personalise your message

Trust Insights analysed 1,430,995 posts from 3,637 brand profiles (stories were not included) in order to ascertain the overall average engagement rate.  They report, “Since the beginning of May, average engagements have declined over time precipitously and now hover around 0.9%, a decrease from earlier this year of 1.1%. This represents an 18% decline in average engagements (mostly likes) since the beginning of the year.”

And it’s not just brands that are seeing the decline, influencers are taking a hit as well. 

In the same report, Trust Insights reports, “Fashion influencers (have gone) from a maximum of 4.3% engagement on February 17, 2019 to a minimum of 2.4% on June 20, 2019, representing a 44% decline in engagement for the same period of time.”

Get to know your customer

We don’t post images to your social feeds.  We don’t boost posts or go hunting for likes and shares… in fact, we don’t even want your social media logins.

We look at your social media and offer feedback on how we think you can do it better and how you can come across more genuinely to those who follow you and who are actually interested in what you are doing.  We know this approach is different, but we fully believe this method is the way forward for our clients.

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