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Just because everyone’s doing it, doesn’t mean everyone’s doing it well.

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A balanced marketing plan must now include some form of social media engagement and online community management. Unfortunately, for most people social media is simply a time consuming, expensive experience with negligible results when it comes to ROI.

To cut through saturation and counteract apathy in the face of marketing bombardment, actions on social media need to be based on unique ideas to be emotionally engaging, and must deliver a strong ‘call to action’.

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Here’s a whopping stat from the 2017 Australian Sensis: Over 84% of Australians access the internet daily, and 79% of those Internet users use social networking sites (with Facebook and Instagram being the most popular), which is 10 points higher than last year. Frequency of use has also grown with 59% now accessing these sites daily or more which compares with 50% in 2016. This number has almost doubled since 2011 when it was 30%.

The Atticism partner with industry experts across SEO, social media and Adwords management. These areas of the digital field require constant skill updates, training and monitoring and we believe that unless it is being managed properly, it is a waste of time and resources.

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We work with you to set targets for your social and digital reach. We ensure that those targets are realistic, and in line with your ROI goals. We then work closely with you to ensure you reach those targets.

The Atticism focuses on converting clicks to tangible sales or wider brand recognition through tailored content for your target demographic.

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