Social Media

Social media is no about likes, shares, comments and views…

Those are vanity metrics and usually, have zero ROI.

It’s time to think

As you might have guessed it, we’re not die-hard-fans of ‘regular’ social media strategies here at The Atticism.  In fact, we’re so passionate about this that we’ve been quoted speaking about the changes to social media in mainstream media such as The Independent, The Metro and B&T Magazine as well as specialised media like Social Media Tips in The USA.

To save you time, we’re basically saying, “As an agency, we cannot simply continue to work in the way we always have [with social media] and expect our clients to achieve the same results.

Consumers are experiencing brand fatigue, a lack of trust and way too many marketers competing for their attention.  The future of social media needs to change into content driven strategies which offer genuine connections between a brand and their consumer.”

What that means, is whilst we recognise the importance of a social media presence, we believe any social presence should be genuine, purposeful and compliment a wider PR strategy.

PR is not Social Media

If you measure your success with vanity metrics, you’re doing it wrong.  Plus, organic engagement is almost nonexistent anyway.

Medium reports: “It’s easy to waste time and money on [vanity] metrics. Vanity metrics do not mean that your business or your marketing is successful it really just means that the numbers are bigger. To use your marketing budget effectively, in a way that will get your customers and clients spending money, you need to stop looking at metrics that don’t matter.”

In addition, PR is not the same as Social Media.  Here’s why.

Communicating on social media has to be different from PR in order to be successful. Social media is about sending conversational messages and call to actions with the aim to influence sales; whilst PR is about building your reputation – sending a message without seeming to influence sales.

Therefore, the tone and approach for the two need to be different.

We aren’t social media managers

Here at The Atticism, we don’t take care of your social media for you. We don’t post images to your social feeds.  We don’t boost posts or go hunting for likes and shares… in fact, we don’t even want your social media logins.

We look at your social media and offer feedback on how we think you can do it better and how you can come across more genuinely to those who follow you and who are actually interested in what you are doing.  We know this approach is different, but we fully believe this method is the way forward for our clients.

If you do need help with engagement, sales and social media marketing – then we recommend people who are specialists in this field.  Social media is not the beast it once was, and it requires specific care and attention from experts.  We are PR experts, we work with your social team, but we don’t manage your social media.

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