The hidden benefits of winning media coverage

Mar 19, 2018

There’s absolutely no doubt that articles in key publications can be a very powerful tool in delivering a brand’s message to the right people. It’s more than just readership, it’s a third party testimonial that is a recommendation – differentiating it from advertising.

What are not so apparent are the hidden benefits of a PR campaign. Website authority, linking root domains and social sharing – say what now?

Link power

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of manipulating Google (and other search engines) to display results in your favour. One of the key components of SEO strategy is to increase a website’s domain authority. The higher the authority, the better the website ranks. Website authority is a function of links – both quality and number.

A successful PR campaign can bring about many online articles, and with it, links to the client’s website. Whilst the primary purpose has been the article itself, the by-product – the link – has a value which is often underestimated. Links build website authority which, in turn, can have a dramatic effect on a website’s ranking potential. It’s the opportunity beyond the opportunity.

SEO experts I.AM.Strategist say “A successful PR campaign is actually more like PR + ½ SEO – since building a website’s domain authority is often the most difficult and time-consuming part of an SEO campaign.”

Social sharing

We’ve all heard ‘content is king’ a million times before but actually sourcing great content can be difficult – especially if your social media strategy is all about frequency.

Press clippings, online articles or reviews – especially in the more prestigious media – can easily be transformed into social media stories of genuine value. Saying something about yourself just doesn’t have the same weight as someone else saying it – especially if the source is well respected.

A great example of this is one of our clients Salmon & Bear. They secured a piece of editorial in The Urban List recently who plugged them as one of their top restaurants in the Inner West. It was effortless just to re-share this content on their own Facebook page – job done.

Access the network

PR firms are staffed with people who understand that relationships matter. They’re networkers, they’re in touch with all areas of marketing and they have clients who all have a lot in common – using media to build a brand is just one.

This makes the people at PR firms great connectors. They’re able to make recommendations for services and products because it’s their job to get to know people.

At The Atticism, we’ve lost count of the times we’ve referred one of our clients to one our other clients. If we’re part of your team and we’re confident in what you do, then we’re able to make a referral. Sure it’s intangible – but bigger teams have bigger opportunities for networking.

In summary, if you’re considering media marketing or using a PR firm, it’s worth adding these potential benefits to the value proposition.

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