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The Atticism is a full service, boutique PR and brand development agency specialising in the urban lifestyle sector.  We were founded in Sydney (Australia) in 2012. In 2021 we opened our new office in the United Kingdom, working out of Oxford and London.

The Atticism has become the ‘go to’ agency for those looking to break free from traditional PR methods. We are leading spokespeople against the widespread use of vanity metrics in PR and were one of the first agencies to promote the dissolution of the traditional press release. 

The Atticism is a boutique agency, by design.  We aren’t trying to be the biggest, but we are determined to be the best.  We are comprised of a tight-knit team who work closely with our clients to help them succeed.

We believe that when it comes to communications, if everyone is going one way, it’s often better to find a different path, one that will surprise and delight.  This will ensure your voice is heard and most importantly, remembered.

We thrive on creativity – we’re colourful and always challenge our initial thoughts to see if there’s a more unique way of doing something. 

We are energetic – there’s a vigor about us that clients don’t get anywhere else, and it’s contagious. 

We are effective – never doing tasks just for the sake of it. Each activity has a clear goal and outcome in mind.

And lastly, we’re frank.  We tell it like it is, putting ego aside and doing what it takes to achieve success.  We don’t inflate our results or use any vanity metrics in our reporting.


Clients who dominate their sector, who have the best reputation, who overachieve on their PR and marketing revenue targets and who have a trusted brand that stands the test of time.