Events & Activations

A clever way to ensure there is a connection with your brand is to have people experience it in a creative and memorable way.

Memorable events that excite and inspire

The Atticism is in the business of creating memories that foment a subconscious and long-term connection to your brand. Events allow us to cultivate and express your individuality, first-hand.

There are two main types of events – those designed around experiences for your consumer, and those designed to provide experiences and information for the media.  Both require a different strategy in order to succeed.

It’s important to note that we might not always recommend that you host a large event.  Why?  Some media are quite unlikely to attend events (such as venue launches) and often respond much better to brands when they experience them in a more organic way. 

We will always work with you to discuss desired event outcomes and attendees, and provide you with feedback and strategies to achieve these.

By hosting an event, we create three distinct opportunities for contact with your public: before, during and afterwards, and it is a popular way to generate leads and sales.

The Atticism are experts at curating events that allow your brand to interact with those who already have an interest in what you have to offer, and to generate buzz and excitement that attracts potential new customers.

We can manage any event from launch parties, expo’s, private information sessions or a one-off live performance.

Trust us to help you choose the right option, and ensure it goes off with a bang.