Advertorial marketing involves paying a fee for content placed in the media. It provides specific, guaranteed information about a brand in the form of an article.

The intersection between Marketing & Public Relations

When envisioning marketing, many people picture banner ads on buildings or bus stops, along with catchy jingles and commercials on the big three platforms: TV, radio, and print. Yet, in a world where we're bombarded with advertisements at every phone scroll, it's no surprise that consumers are growing desensitised to these traditional outreach methods.

While earned media enjoys more than six times the trust of paid advertising, we acknowledge that some clients seek swift, guaranteed coverage.

Enter the advertorial—a fusion of advertising (commonly known as marketing) and earned editorial content (known as PR). At an agreed-upon rate, a media outlet commits to featuring in-depth branded content, often centered around a specific product or service. This content is then presented to consumers in the form of a news article.

The extended format of advertorials empowers us to highlight specific details and selling points that may not find adequate space in other mediums or earned content articles.

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