Advertorial marketing involves paying a fee for content placed in the media. It provides specific, guaranteed information about a brand in the form of an article.

A cross between marketing & Public Relations

When most people think of marketing, they think of banner advertisements on the sides of buildings or bus stops, or the catchy jingles and commercial content placed with the big three: TV, radio, and print. But in a world where we are being sold to at every scroll of our phone, it's easy to see why consumers are becoming desensitised to this style of outreach.

Whilst earned media is at least 6x more trusted than paid advertising, we understand that sometimes, clients are after faster, guaranteed coverage.

As the name suggests, an advertorial is a cross between an advertisement (known as marketing) and earned editorial content (known as PR). For an agreed rate, a media outlet agrees to run in-depth branded content, usually about a specific product or service, which is then delivered to the consumer in the form of a news article.

This long format content allows us to promote specific details and selling points that are not always able to be featured in other mediums or earned content articles.

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