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To have clients that dominate their sector, achieve the best reputation,  overachieve on their PR and marketing revenue targets and have a trusted brand that stands the test of time.

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Founded by Renae Smith in 2012 (that's her in the pic), The Atticism is a trailblazing full-service agency specialising in public relations, digital marketing, social media, and brand development.

As a multi-award-winning agency, we've garnered accolades such Anthill's Top 100 Companies, The PRIA's Golden Target Awards, Mumbrella's Best PR Employer and Stevie's Most Creative Agency, all reflecting our commitment to innovative strategies.

Our 360-degree approach to brand success sets us apart. We look at your entire brand offering before we create any strategies - ensuring you're not wasting any of that marketing budget! This make us the go-to choice for those seeking unconventional yet effective solutions.

With headquarters in Sydney and satellite offices in Londonwe blend local expertise with a global perspective.

Our motto is simple: When you win, we win


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What OUR CLIENTS think

Thank you so much for the amazing work you have done for us to-date!  You have thought outside the box to come up with some really unique initiatives and everything you have delivered for us so far, has gone seamlessly. We look forward to a long-term business relationship with your fabulous team.
Jade Fardouly
Marketing Manager, Mark Moran Group
I’ve worked with The Atticism on two projects now and I’m very impressed with their flexibility, professionalism and ability to get the job done. The results we’ve had with them have far exceeded our expectations and ensured that we get some great quality coverage that we’ve been proud to share far and wide. Their positive attitude and work ethic suits our business to a tee – they tell us how it is!
Ros Frame
Global PR Manager, Atom Brands (UK)
It is easy to perpetuate old patterns in an industry like hospitality where the core business can be repetitive week to week. The Brand audit highlighted a number of key areas of the business where we weren’t performing as well as we could have, and just as importantly provided solutions which were actionable moving forward.
Jack Leary
Co-Founder, ALMA
The Atticism blew us away right from the get-go, they were quicker to respond, and quicker to action than any of the other PR companies we had contacted. Renae and Ben understood our goals straight away and created a plan to help us achieve them, their contacts and experience in the hospitality industry were invaluable in this.

Myself and Tom could not recommend The Atticism highly enough and are excited about the future with them on board with us.
Simon Evans
Caveau Restaurant
On behalf of Lotus Dining, I wanted to send through a huge thank you to each and every one of you. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Your talents and insights have allowed us to grow and develop venue to venue and as a dining group.

Your support throughout the moments we have shined and importantly our most difficult times, has been greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, again.
Mindy Woods
Lotus Dining Group
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