What OUR CLIENTS think

"Thank you so much for the amazing work you have done for us to-date!  You have thought outside the box to come up with some really unique initiatives and everything you have delivered for us so far, has gone seamlessly. We look forward to a long-term business relationship with your fabulous team."
Jade Fardouly
Marketing Manager, Mark Moran Group
"I’ve worked with The Atticism on two projects now and I’m very impressed with their flexibility, professionalism and ability to get the job done. The results we’ve had with them have far exceeded our expectations and ensured that we get some great quality coverage that we’ve been proud to share far and wide. Their positive attitude and work ethic suits our business to a tee – they tell us how it is!"
Ros Frame
Global PR Manager, Atom Brands (UK)
"It is easy to perpetuate old patterns in an industry like hospitality where the core business can be repetitive week to week. The Brand audit highlighted a number of key areas of the business where we weren’t performing as well as we could have, and just as importantly provided solutions which were actionable moving forward."
Jack Leary
Co-Founder, ALMA
The Atticism blew us away right from the get-go, they were quicker to respond, and quicker to action than any of the other PR companies we had contacted. Renae and Ben understood our goals straight away and created a plan to help us achieve them, their contacts and experience in the hospitality industry were invaluable in this.
Myself and Tom could not recommend The Atticism highly enough and are excited about the future with them on board with us.
Simon Evans
Caveau Restaurant
On behalf of Lotus Dining, I wanted to send through a huge thank you to each and every one of you. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Your talents and insights have allowed us to grow and develop venue to venue and as a dining group.
Your support throughout the moments we have shined and importantly our most difficult times, has been greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, again.
Mindy Woods
Lotus Dining Group
You wouldn't build a house without site survey and a plan... building your company (and brand) is no different.We engaged The Atticism PR & Brand Development and kicked off with their discovery audit - can't recommend it enough.
The team is amazing. We received over 70 pages of deep analysis and actionable insights about our brand, our market, competitors and the considerations for achieving our goals - all packaged up in a stunningly easy to digest doc (courtesy of Isabelle Knowles and Ashley Hunt)The value has extended way beyond just PR and marketing - we've used that same discovery audit output for furnishing to VCs, Gov grant applications and awards.
Adalbert Hutter
Founder of Cappsule
The tasks that you have been assigned was extremely challenging due to the adversity of the business environment and the perception of the market and investors. Nevertheless you have demonstrated through the weeks commitment and desire to succeed regardless of the time and energy required. Atticism team deserves all the praises for their continual efforts to find ways to offer us workable options.
You have demonstrated that not only you are equipped but also motivated to go the extra miles.
Jean-Michel Offe
Partnerships Manager, M+ (Hong Kong)
At MATE we have been going through our transformation journey as a newly established business. We knew that the quick success we achieved in a short about of time was not sustainable moving forward as our competitors caught up with us. We needed to get our story out to the market to help us achieve our objectives and build the credibility we needed to support our customer acquisition strategy.
When we engaged with The Atticism, the first thing they said to us was ‘we don’t just do press releases, we do PR’. This really resonated with us because their business plan was about being different and standing out, that’s exactly why MATE was established.
MATE is also a business challenging the norm and trying to do things better, that’s what the Atticism are all about and they complement our business perfectly.
The constant determination, ideas and their approach to their work is very refreshing but overall its effective. Renae, Alice, Emma and the rest of the Atticism team are creative, responsive and just bloody good people to work with.
To the Atticism team, thanks for being part of our journey and helping MATE deliver its business goals.
Mark Fazio
General Manager, MATE
Marrickville Metro has been a shopping centre in the Inner West for the past 30 years. Its lack of evolution over the years has been admired by the grass roots inner westie audience, however we were due to evolve with a major development valued at $142m and had to take our community on our journey of evolution. 
The Atticism were brought in early for their strength in food & beverage PR as we were establishing a new dining precinct. They didn’t shy away from any situation and were a valuable partner during the development build process, particularly helping to establish strong community engagement with our close-by neighbours, manage tricky situations and evolve organically to capture our more-pessimistic Inner West audience. 
They are true partners and a really friendly, approachable team where nothing is too much. dining precinct.
Amalia Collins
Marketing Manager, Marrickville Metro
I came to Renae pre-launch as a scrappy upstart with a very limited budget, no history in food or hospitality but very nice packaging and a conviction my product had potential. Renae got it, and me, immediately.
From before the beginning, Renae has shaped my brand, identified its strengths and unique offerings and taken practical steps to translate that brand to my potential customers.
Renae recognised that my greatest appeal was to the craft beer drinking foodie market, and she was bang on. She is masterful in gently showing a client the potential of a new approach, goodness knows we’re too close to the product to often see it ourselves!
It’s a testament to Renae’s prowess that even though I am a publicist by trade, she is the most critical investment I’ve made in the business, and as soon as I can afford to pay her exorbitantly I will be trying to make her my own full time.
Chrissy Flanagan
Words cannot describe how much I have learnt and loved working with Renae and her team at The Atticism for the past four months.
Renae doesn’t just take the brief and deliver like many other agencies might, she immerses fully in the project and works well beyond scope to ensure the best outcomes for all. She injects a sense of passion and optimism into the project yet is fiercely focused and determined to ensure she gets results.
Securing media for charities is a really tough gig with an over-saturation of causes, but Renae worked against many odds to secure a long list of opportunities across TV, print, online and radio, and on a shoe-string budget. Renae has bought a definite “joie de vie” to our campaign and I can’t wait to work her again!
Janine Koorey
Raised Collective
Thank you so so much for the amazing work you’ve done for us. We are lucky to have you guys and look forward to round two! You have all been amazing and incredibly inspiring.
We have had a lot of people make it their point to tell us that they are “so glad they found us” and that they “will never go to another studio because of what yoga represents elsewhere.” Everyone feels like this is were they can find their yoga and that is in big part thanks to your messaging.
Victoria Csarmann
I Am That - Yoga
I've known Renae since the very beginning of my brand launch years ago and she helped me navigate the PR scape with absolute patience, professionalism, kindness and more. Even though the media scene has changed a lot over the years, Renae and her team have always been supportive and wonderful. We look forward to working together with them again.
Phoebe Song
Founder of Snow Fox Skincare
As a US based event production company taking its first tentative steps into a brand new international market it was important for us to choose the right media partner with the right connections and the right attitude. Good, creative and effective PR is a critical component in our marketing mix and we had to be sure we were selecting the right team to work with. Having spoken to various companies we eventually decided to engage The Atticism. It was, and remains, one of the best decisions we made. Renae and the team manage to balance a relaxed and easy going attitude with a tenacious drive to deliver results which, for me, is what sets them apart from many agencies we've worked with in the past.

At the end of the day though, it's all about results and in this regard, The Atticism excelled. From coverage in some of the most important online and printed media to multiple live TV hits they provided us with more exposure than we could have hoped for. We would not hesitate to recommend The Atticism to anybody who cares to ask and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.
Grahame Ferguson
CEO, XL Event Lab.

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