Public relations

PR is not sales or marketing. Instead, PR manages your brand’s reputation by having journalists provide you with third-party recommendations - that’s earned media coverage

A central hub for your brand's communication

PR is about gaining earned coverage for your brand.  That means we don't pay for it. Earned coverage is when a journalist writes about your story for free, because they think the story is SO interesting their readers will go crazy for it!  Click-and-Bait!

Whilst earning coverage is way harder than paying for it, it's actually way more effective because it's seen as trustworthy. Some brands love this approach, whereas others want something a little more concrete (check out Advertorial on our other services for more info on guaranteed placements!).

The Atticism's PR team bundle a brand's individual, unique offerings into appropriate stories, with the goal of positioning you as a thought or industry leader. Using third-party media endorsements, we bring your offering credibility by presenting your brand without the crude catch of an obvious agenda.

We pitch article ideas and predict trends, we plan events and community involvement, craft intelligent communications campaigns, engage in market or competitor research, write speeches and facilitate networking and plan events and activations.

By managing and streamlining your entire brand’s message, we act as a central hub for all your communication.

We avoid out-dated PR methods (we're looking at you mass media alert email send-outs) and generic messaging (we call this "Bubblegum PR") which we believe is counterproductive to presenting a unique angle and a strong storyline.

PR is only as effective as the story you tell, and the Atticism tells great stories.

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