If you're looking for a 'WELLNESS CHECK' for your brand, our Discovery Audit is the best place to start.

Unlocking your brand's full potential with our Discovery Audit Process

At The Atticism, we understand that building your company and brand is a bit like constructing a house. You wouldn't start building without a site survey and a detailed plan, and the same principle applies to your brand's development and success.

What Sets Us Apart?
We kick-started our journey with one key philosophy: 'Accurate & Achievable.' This philosophy forms the cornerstone of our brand development, social media, and public relations strategies. To exemplify its power, we introduced our Discovery Audit – a game-changer that has earned rave reviews from clients like Adalbert Hutter, Founder of Cappsule.

Adalbert Hutter, Founder of Cappsule, testifies to the impact of our Discovery Audit: "We engaged The Atticism PR & Brand Development and kicked off with their discovery audit - can't recommend it enough. The team is amazing. We received over 70 pages of deep analysis and actionable insights about our brand, our market, competitors, and the considerations for achieving our goals - all packaged up in a stunningly easy-to-digest document. The value has extended way beyond just PR and marketing - we've used that same discovery audit output for furnishing to VCs, Gov grant applications, and awards."

The Power of Discovery
Our comprehensive discovery process goes beyond the surface to uncover the hidden gems and potential roadblocks in your brand's journey. By tailoring our research to your unique goals and objectives, we ensure that every discovery audit is one-of-a-kind. In some cases, we consult with industry-specific or technologically trained experts to add a layer of precision to our findings.

Our Discovery Audit empowers us to provide you with a proposal that is not only accurate but also achievable from day one. It's a journey of self-discovery for your brand, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Don't just build a brand; craft a legacy with The Atticism.

What the Discovery Process Includes
Our meticulous auditing process, spanning two to four weeks, delves deep into critical areas such as:

Service/Product Review: Analysing your offerings to identify strengths and areas for improvement

Current Activity Check: Assessing your ongoing operations and marketing initiatives

Website & SEO Check: Ensuring your online presence is optimised for maximum visibility

Brand Reputation & Sentiment: Gauging how your brand is perceived in the market

Key Staff Profiles: Examining the roles and influence of key team members

Media Ready Check: Assessing your readiness for media exposure

USP & SWOT Competitor Check: Identifying your unique selling points and assessing your competitive landscape

Brand Consistency (Visual/Written) Check: Ensuring your brand's visual and written elements align seamlessly

Image & Collateral Check: Reviewing your branding materials and collateral

Influencer & Collaboration Opportunities: Exploring potential partnerships to boost your brand's reach

Social Media Audit: Evaluating your social media presence and strategies.

Bronze Level

Our entry level discovery audit is designed to provide you with a high level understanding of where your brand is positioned when it comes to your overall image, your product or service offering and your overall market position.

This audit provides a solid baseline of research that can be used to develop a strategic campaign proposal that is accurate, realistic and achievable.

Silver Level

This option includes all of the features of the bronze audit as well as more extensive research into the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, your competitors and overall branding and marketability. 

For new businesses, brands with limited exposure, or brands that struggle to hit KPIs or identify key areas to improve, this package is recommended.

Gold Level

The Gold Tier solution is for you if you would like to get an in depth, comprehensive professional evaluation which provides structured recommendations on how to improve your brand's visual and written appeal, as well as strategic plans to help your digital marketing and PR efforts.

This report offers a long-form report full of solutions that can be implemented in-house, or by an agency.

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