Nicole RATtOS

Account Coordinator


Nicole joined The Atticism as a Junior Account Coordinator and quickly demonstrated an aptitude for all things PR and social media.

Nicole is extraordinary and inquisitive; she doesn't go with the flow—that's for fish. As a 2022 Commerce and Arts Graduate from Macquarie University, Nicole brings a fresh perspective and exceptional support to our diverse client portfolio, which includes Motto Motto, Marrickville Metro, Chef's Gallery, and MATE Telecommunications.

In her free time, Nicole frequently explores the "go-to" food spots in Sydney, which directly translates to her passion for our hospitality client accounts. She attempts to inject this passion in the kitchen, yet by the end, all the windows are open and the fire alarm is blaring.

Cafe order: Dirty Chai - Hold the Coffee
Bar order: Strawberry Daiquiri 


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