The Atticism was approached by Raised Collective, on behalf of Lifeline, and asked to manage the communications and publicity strategy for Lifeline’s largest national fundraising campaign. The Atticism worked with several other external agencies to help create content for TV, digital and social campaigns as well as managing celebrity ambassadors.

Words cannot describe how much I have learnt and loved working with Renae and her team at The Atticism for the past four months. Renae doesn’t just take the brief and deliver like many other agencies might, she immerses fully in the project and works well beyond scope to ensure the best outcomes for all. She injects a sense of passion and optimism into the project yet is fiercely focused and determined to ensure she gets results. Securing media for charities is a really tough gig with an over-saturation of causes, but Renae worked against many odds to secure a long list of opportunities across TV, print, online and radio, and on a shoe-string budget. Renae has bought a definite “joie de vie” to our campaign and I can’t wait to work her again!

Janine Koorey

Raised Collective