Renae Smith


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Renae is the Founder of The Atticism and works predominantly from The Atticism’s UK office where she supervises client strategy and consults on brand growth. She also frequently visits the UAE where she is a legal resident, consulting on communications, content management and brand development. Renae’s PR and brand development experience spans globally and she works with brands across Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UAE, MENA regions and her current home, the UK and Europe.

Renae’s career started in the legal industry before her side hustle of writing for companies such as MYOB, Urban List and Men’s Health took centre stage.  In 2014 she appeared on Masterchef Australia, and in 2023 she wrote and hosted her own TV series, What Chefs What - which has aired in Singapore on Channel 5 and will appear on SBS Food in Australia in 2024.

Renae’s creative approach to business has seen her featured in books such as “When Others Won't” by Cody Royle. She is also the PR Expert commentator for The Express Newspaper (UK and USA) and regularly comments on the brand strategy for the Royal Family. Her flair for creative PR has seen her asked to be a repeat head judge for industry awards with the PRIA, Amazon Australia and WINA Dubai.

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